ADWTheme Glass Rings 1.5


Glass Rings is a theme for ADW. A clean look that can go along with any device.

This is the FULL version of the Glass Rings ADWTheme for ADW.Launcher.It includes over 300 themed icons, 6 wallpapers and 3 docks. The icons will keep increasing.

For details on the theme or info on updates, please check the website below.

You must have ADW.Launcher or ADW.Launcher EX. If you don't have it, then get that first. If you do not have it, search the terms above and install that first.

Your Notification bar WILL NOT change. I have a custom theme on my phone. The theme used in the screenshots is Synergy for CM7

After installing ADW.Launcher or ADW.Launcher EX, set ADW as your home application by pressing the home button and choosing ADW and set as default. Now you can Press Menu > ADW Settings and go to the Theme Chooser.

To change docks, you MUST have ADW EX, Menu > ADW Settings > UI Settings > Main Dock > Dock Background > Custom > Pick the theme > Pick the Dock. Sometimes you may need to restart ADW to have the changes apply.

If you have further questions, send an email to the one listed below, developers *CANNOT* reply to market comments.

For those that said it doesn't open or work, you won't read this but *READ INSTRUCTIONS!* do you give your wallet away to a sales person before reading what they are selling you?

Last Updated:2011-09-18 23:20:04
File size:9.5MB
OS:Android 1.6 and up

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